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 Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, the  youngest of three boys, I was surrounded with the building business.   My father was a general contractor and architect and my mom's dad owned  and operated Hoke Lumber Company. This afforded me the knowledge of two  different worlds in the construction industry. 

      I was on job sites at the age of 5 because my mom said I needed to see  first-hand what my father did. I "officially" went to work at 10 years  old, cleaning debris from job sites and performing other general labor  activities. I am one of those that truly began by "digging ditches". At  the age of 15, I was working a full schedule when not in school or  studying. At this point, I started learning specific building trades. My  father and brothers, Chad and Dustin, taught me how to paint, install  trim mouldings, and to perform general carpentry. 

     At this time, my father began a new venture in "true" Modular homes,  where I learned yet another wide variety of new trades. I began Learning  to do drywall, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, siding and landscape work on  top of all of my previous experience. 

     Upon graduation from East Mecklenburg High School (Go Eagles!), I  attended Appalachian State University to study Construction Management.  During this time, I continued to work with my father and also with my  brother Dustin. After college, I went to work full time with Dustin installing intricate trim work on  high-end custom homes. When that particular neighborhood came to  completion, I was offered a wonderful opportunity to be a site supervisor with  Beazer Homes.

      While with Beazer Homes, I learned the art of fast paced home  construction. I also obtained my North Carolina General Contractors  license at this time.

      I left Beazer Homes a short time before they closed their Charlotte  office, and went back to work with my father who was now building local  community churches as well as single family homes. This new opportunity  provided me with the the knowledge of commercial construction.

     This new knowledge of commercial building came in good when, in 2007,  I went to work with my oldest brother Chad at Cottage Builders. He had  asked my father if he could borrow me for a project he was building in Auburn  Alabama. What started as a summer project, soon turned into an  unexpected career, with me commuting between Charlotte and Auburn.

      Cottage Builders offered me a full time job as their Commercial Project  Manager at the end of the Auburn project. I moved my family to  Birmingham in 2008 and continued to work with Cottage for 2 more years.  By 2010, the economy was in a nose dive and Cottage Builders laid off  quite a few of us. After much job searching, in what is now called one  of the worst downturns in history, my wife and I did a lot of soul  searching and decided to start our own business. I obtained my Alabama  Contractors License and started LACE Construction.

      In 2014, we decided that it was time to come home, so we sold our house  in Homewood, Alabama and moved back to Charlotte to be closer to our  families.

     Now happily back in  Charlotte, we are 'Enriching the Lives of Others' by  Building Their Dream Home or Remodeling the One They Already Call Home.



Born in Charlotte, NC, Leslie grew up in a totally different world.  Leslie know nothing about construction or the building industry until  she met me. Her father worked for Piedmont Natural Gas and her mother  was a yearbook editor. Leslie and I met and became high school  sweethearts. Leslie worked as a Manager for a local sub shop throughout  high school and some after graduation. 

     Leslie  decided to try something she had wanted to pursue while I was attending  App State. She went through the Police Academy. Even though having  finished well in the academy, she decided not to follow that career  path.

     Leslie went into the childcare field  and worked there until we were married. Not long after marrying, the  Lord blessed our lives with two wonderful children who are our world.  When Allysa was born, we decided it would be best for Leslie to stay  home with our little girl, and this continued on after Erick was born.  Leslie has been an awesome stay-at-home-mom and is doing wonderful job  raising both of them.

    Leslie has learned a lot  about the construction industry throughout the years from being around  my family and I. She was in full support of starting LACE Construction  instead of going back to work for someone else. It is said, "Behind  Every Successful Man is a Great Woman". In our case, that could never be  truer. No one person has all the skills, abilities, time and all the  opportunities to be able to do or be everything they want to do or be.  Leslie stands shoulder to shoulder with me in our business. It would be  hard to perform my every day duties without her. 

As Vice President of LACE Construction Inc, Leslie helps our homeowners to realize their dreams. She often helps our homeowners with design decisions and ideas that really help bring the small details to reality. 

The children


      Allysa is becoming quite the young lady.  She is a budding artist and is taking a liking to interior design. Maybe after graduation she will come into the family business. 


 Erick is becoming a young man with his own direction. While I once thought he may follow in my footsteps, he has taken quite the liking to high end mechanics. He looks forward to touring his trade collages this summer to pick where he will focus after graduation.